Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My Kids Love the Library--But I Doubt the Library Loves Them

My kids are sweet, adorable, hilarious children. The one thing they are not is quite.

Its okay when we are outside playing, but inside its a little ear-piercing. And inside a library it just seems to be even louder.

Our local library has a small play area set up in the children's section with toys and a play kitchen, and ice cream stand. I took both kids there the other day. It was Kaylee Sue's first time actually playing. She was of course, adorable!

Darius had fun too, and even though he doesn't want to hear it, he was adorable too.

Darius tried to be quite. He would do good for a few minutes; then he would forget and yell across the room to see what I wanted him to cook me, or what the title of a book was.

Kaylee Sue didn't even care to try. Her current vocabulary consists of yelling at different decibels, and blowing raspberries. 

She screams for just about every situation. 

When she wants attention

when she is crawling around

and when she is playing.

In all fairness, if you were wanting peace and quite you probably shouldn't have come to the children's section.

Now excuse me while I dine with my son.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My First Time to a Drive-In

Yes you read that right. I am 30 years old, and last night was my first time to a drive-in theater.

I apologize for my lameness.

Assuming you have forgiven me and are continuing to read; we had a lot of fun. It was showing Into the Storm and Guardians of the Galaxy. Being huge nerds we were really there for the Guardians movie.

That's me, Matt, and my little brother. {Totally off topic, but have I ever mentioned that I hate my smile? Its all lopsided and huge! *sigh*}

I didn't really care about the Storm movie. I'm a huge Twister fan, so I wasn't expecting much from this movie. But to my surprise it wasn't awful. It wasn't no Twister, but it wasn't that bad. The graphics were good and the characters were fairly realistic.

Now Guardians, on the other hand, was outstanding! I definitely recommend going to see this movie. I already want to see it again!

Next time we go we are bringing blankets though; it got pretty cold out there. And we want to bring the kids if they have a family friendly movie. I was worried that they would get bored and throw fits. But I think if we planned it right they would have fun!


Do you have any tips for bringing kids to a drive-in? I would love to hear them! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Why I Love Being a Mom

I have a video to share. This video will appear to be of Kaylee Sue playing in her crib, doing her favorite activity of wrinkling her nose and snorting.

But what it really is is a video of why I love being a mom. This video shows one of my amazing, beautiful children laughing and playing.

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

It doesn't matter to them that money is tight and the van just broke down. They don't give a thought to the monthly bills and which one isn't getting paid on time. They don't notice that I feel like a failure because my house is messy and the dishes need done and instead of cleaning I went outside.

She is genuinely happy. She isn't smiling because she feels like its socially expected at the moment; she isn't smiling because she thinks its what I want to see.

She is smiling because her heart is happy. She is smiling because her world is perfect in her eyes. She is smiling because she is surrounded by the people she loves.

I love being a mom because whatever stress may be on my shoulders, whatever may be going wrong that day, my children's smile pushes it all aside.